Winter is here which means snow will be before we know it! Start planning now for the ultimate sledding adventure. Continue reading to find out where the best sledding spots in Montgomery County are. 


1. Kettering Community Golf Course

2917 Berkley St, Dayton, OH 45409

Located right beside Hills & Dales MetroPark "Suicide Hill" at Kettering Community Golf Course is the go to sledding spot in the Greater Dayton Area. If you are looking for a crazy adventure then you need to go to this hill! 

2. Wright Memorial Hill 

2380 Memorial Rd, Dayton, OH 45424

Located off Route 444 on Kauffman Avenue next to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, this hill has easy access and parking. The designated sledding area is a grass surface ranging from smooth to bumpy. The slope is approximately 40 degrees with a lengthy run of about 700 to 800 feet. 

3. Germantown MetroPark

7101 Conservancy Rd, Germantown, OH 45327

Germantown MetroPark is said to be well worth the drive. Located 20 minutes from Dayton, it is arguably one of the best hills in the MetroPark system for sledding. 

4. Englewood MetroPark

4361 W National Rd, Dayton, OH 45414

The Englewood MetroPark sledding hill is located along the dam in the West Park. It's steep, but there is a lot of room for racing & socially distancing!

5. Triangle Park

DeWeese, Dayton, OH 45414

A great sledding hill for kids is located at Triangle Park in downtown Dayton. 

6. Taylorsville MetroPark

 2000 US-40, Vandalia, OH 45377​

Taylorsville MetroPark offers a great sledding hill, with grass turf it is smooth/bumpy but has no obstacles and a gentle grade that makes for safe but long distance sledding. In fact, this hill has a slope of 30 degrees with a 400 to 500 foot run. 

7. Bomberger Park

R72 01408 0057, Dayton, OH 45403​

Located just off of Fifth Street, east of the Oregon District, Bomberger Park in Dayton is a local favorite for "hitting the slopes" and offers a small short hill that packs loads of fun.

8. Indian Riffle Park

2801 E Stroop Rd, Kettering, OH 45420​

Tucked away behind Kettering Middle School, you'll discover "the mound"- a pretty unique sledding experience that offers smooth rides and zero obstacles. 

9. Grant Park & Stubbs Park

501 Normandy Ridge Rd, Dayton, OH 45459​  | 255 W Spring Valley Pike, Centerville, OH 45458​

Located in Centerville this is a great spot for the whole family to get out and sled!

10. Belmont Park

957 Lynhurst Ave, Dayton, OH 45420​

Located off of S. Smithville road in the heart of a neighborhood, Belmont Park is a fun place to get out and sled. They have multiple hills offering different degrees for all ages. 


So head out now for some sledding fun and remember, it's all downhill from here!