Always wondered what the ‘Dog Days of Summer’ meant.

Was told it’s the time of the year where the outside temperature is hot and the air is thick and sticky.

Well heck, that’s not it at all at least not here in Dayton and Montgomery County.

It’s about our four legged furry friends.

Gosh, learn something new every single day.

Actually any month of the year is a great time to adopt a dog, cat, puppy or kitten.

Just like us, they want to be loved.

My French Bulldog Ella, who by the way is the cutest thing EVER, is my walking partner.

We love to explore all the wonderful walking trails like DeWeese Parkway, the Bark Park and even the bike trails.

It’s great exercise for you and your pet.

Remember though, if you bring a bottle of water along, don’t forget Fido too.

Right now the Humane Society of Greater Dayton, Montgomery County Animal Resource Center and SICSA Animal Adoption Agency have pets ready for adoption.

First, the Humane Society which is proud to be the area's largest and most-established "no-kill" animal welfare agency. They work tirelessly to ensure all animals are valued and loved and that all of our pets find the loving forever homes they deserve.

The Animal Resource Center - ARC is the largest companion animal shelter in the Greater Dayton area adopts out over 1800 dogs and cats per year. They invite you to come see them for your next best friend.

SICSA, The Society for the Improvement of Conditions for Stray Animals promotes the welfare and adoption of companion animals, and nurturing loving, lifelong relationships between animals and people.

SICSA offers numerous animal-centered programs and services for families and children and have over 1,400 dog and cat adoptions annually and spay and neuter over 3,000 dogs and cats each year for the community.

Also, many fun fundraisers to provide adoption services happen all year long such as SICSA’s ‘The Cat’s Meow.’

It’s a magnificent evening to celebrate the good times, save lives and share love with a 1920s Creole atmosphere, appetizers and spirits, a live and silent auction made up of fabulous items, dancing to jazz and swing, and a delicious gourmet dinner. 


Who thought helping out our animal friends could be so much fun.


We sure do have a great time in Dayton, don’t we?


For other fundraising events from each organization, check out their specific websites.


So, as the dog days of summer come and go, and do I dare say it, fall and winter fast approach. Remember our four legged animal buddies who want nothing more than to be a member of your loving family.


It’s the true definition of unconditional love.


Now, gotta go. It’s tough to walk Ella carrying my laptop.


Cheers or should I say … BARK!