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Aullwood Winter Speaker Series


Aullwood’s Winter Speaker Series presents

Kelly Williams, Ohio University Professor and Saw-Whet Owl Researcher. Kelly will give us an inside look at her work with the Northern Saw-whet Owl. Until recently, this owl was thought to be largely absent in Ohio. However, thanks to the research done by Kelly Williams and everyone involved in Project Owlnet we now know that these secretive birds are far more common than we thought. Kelly’s field work determines how individual variations in behavior and environmental conditions affect variation in reproduction and survival. Understanding how organisms respond to environmental variation allows us to better predict responses to anthropogenic disturbance, including climate change, and better inform management decisions. These very small owls with large, round heads breed in extensive forests across northern North America, also sometimes using more open habitats. They winter in dense forests across the central and Southern U.S. They are by far the cutest of all the owls.

  • Sunday, Jan 20, 2019
  • Location: 1000 Aullwood Rd., Aullwood Audubon Center , OH
  • Phone: (937) 890-7360
  • Time: 2:30 PM to 4:00 PM
Aullwood Winter Speaker Series