Nicole Nett

Dayton Golf Cart Tour


Discover why Dayton is the place to be! Your journey begins at Oregon District where you can admire the architecture of the city's most historic neighborhood. Travel to 2nd Street Market to find local crafts and homemade treats waiting. Feel the vibe of new construction like Water StreetDelco Lofts, and Fifth Third Field. Wander among the fountains of RiverScape and watch kayakers shoot the rapids at River Run. Learn about the 1913 flood and leaders like Patterson and the Wrights. SeeSchuster Center, the home of the performing arts. Be transported to the Roaring Twenties at the Packard Museum. Explore the University of Dayton and visit the bookstore to collect souvenirs. Honor the city's patrons at Woodland Cemetery and hear about their contributions. The adventure spans a Dayton lifetime -- from the earliest dwellings to the final resting place of its people. This is the tour to earn your degree in Daytonology!

  • Saturday, Sep 23, 2017 - Saturday, Oct 28, 2017
  • Location: 318 E. 5th Street, Oregon Arts District, OH
  • Time: 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM
  • Price: $25
Dayton Golf Cart Tour