Earth Transformed 2023 X Muscle Memory Collective


March 6 – April 15

Earth Transformed features six innovative and skilled ceramic artists from the region including Richard James, Justin Paik Reese, Kelsey Duncan, Dallas Wooten, Shoko Teruyama, Carol Snyder and Shauna Fahley. Creating both functional objects and sculptures, these renowned artists transform clay through a diverse range of techniques, ideas and intentions. From imagined insect-like specimens to representations of the human condition, they push the boundaries of what is obtainable with clay while maintaining the highest levels of craft and precision.

Muscle Memory Collective is a collaboration between artist Joshua R. Clark and photographer Bree Lamb. Their work shares a fascination with that which captures our attention for surface reasons, yet manifests within the subconscious, veiled desires of human psychology. Through the pairings of referential and uncanny objects and images, the artists seek to create surface visions bound in expectation, excess, and desire, offering complex reflections of a capitalist American landscape. Viewers are beckoned by bright, glossy facades and are able to recognize and engage with familiar visual cues, yet the tone of the work quietly vacillates between adoration and critique. Through this juxtaposition, Muscle Memory creates an environment where the viewer is encouraged to consider the intersection of commodity, fantasy and social currency, as well as the significance of our daily observations and exchanges.

See for more information, or call Rosewood Arts Center at 937-296-0294

  • Monday, Mar 6, 2023 - Saturday, Apr 15, 2023
  • Location: 2655 Olson Dr., Rosewood Arts Centre, OH
  • Phone: (937) 296-0294
Earth Transformed 2023 X Muscle Memory Collective