Rustic, ARTery Gallery Members Exhibition

  • Location
  • The ARTery at Front Street
    • Bldg 100, door B/C, 3rd floor
    • The ARTery at Front Street
    • Dayton, OH

The ARTery Gallery at Front Street invites you to come see our New ”RUSTIC” Members Exhibition on display September and October.  We would like to introduce our Gallery’s NEW Visiting Artist for September, Leah Mendenhall, a very talented local acrylic, and oil painter as well as our Gallery’s Highlighted artist this Month, Sarah Maxwell.

Sarah Maxwell is a gifted and passionate young artist at the ARTery we would love for you to get to know.  Maxwell is a perfectionist when it comes to her art as she is meticulous in her various techniques and in her attention to detail.  The artist shared she is also an introvert, so it is difficult for her to meet new people and make friends, but she is anxious to share her work and passions with the world, and to empower and encourage others through it. 

Maxwell is passionate about saving endangered animals and features them in many of her artworks in order to call attention to our responsibility to protect and try to ensure their survival.  This artist also features animals in her current series of paintings to help enlighten and educate the public regarding a disorder that is close to her heart, Dyslexia.   Sarah didn’t know what it was until high school when she herself was diagnosed with it.  This series means a lot to her because through her work, she shares various challenges people with dyslexia may struggle with, and shares strengths that might have been overlooked. Maxwell said, “For example, Did you know that people with dyslexia have a heightened sense of hearing, and they have very strong skills for 3D thinking?”

This 24”x 30” acrylic painting is entitled “Dyslexia: Speech”, The giraffes represent how dyslexia can make it difficult to say things properly.  You may stutter, or not know what to say and find yourself tongue tied so to speak.  The giraffes are trying to be silly and have fun with it so they feel less anxious, but sometimes in real life, it can be quite annoying and embarrassing. The struggle is real.  Although Dyslexia has a host of challenges, Sarah also hopes her dyslexia paintings will not only bring awareness and understanding of the condition, but also to encourage and offer hope to those who struggle with the disorder that may also have heightened gifts and abilities in other areas.

  • Sunday, Sep 19, 2021
  • Location: Bldg 100, door B/C, 3rd floor, The ARTery at Front Street, OH
  • Time: 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  • Price: Free Event
Rustic, ARTery Gallery Members Exhibition
  • September 19, 2021 to September 20, 2021
  • The ARTery at Front Street
  • Free Event