Nicole Nett

SunWatch Indian Village Celebrates Archaeology Day


Archaeology Day at SunWatch is a celebration of discovery. Most archaeological research is undertaken close to home, as opposed to pop-culture depictions of globe-trotting archaeologists working on digs in dramatic locales. In reality, archaeologists spend much of their time doing research related to the areas where they live and work, and are rarely involved in high-speed chases with gangs of bad guys.

Guests attending Archaeology Day will have the opportunity to throw a spear with an atlatl (spear thrower), learn the basics of an ancient sport called double ball, and stroll through the museum and partially reconstructed village. “Our experienced and knowledgeable guides will be on hand with tool displays and to answer questions as you visit our partially-reconstructed village,” remarked Sawyer. Bring a lunch for the picnic area. Thanks to the Archaeological Institute of America, admission to this event is FREE!

  • Saturday, Oct 21, 2017
  • Location: 2301 W. River Rd., Sunwatch Indian Village, OH
  • Phone: (937) 268-8199
  • Time: 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM
  • Price: Free Event
SunWatch Indian Village Celebrates Archaeology Day