Be A Dayton Game Changer! 

Thank you for your interest in being a DAYTON GAME CHANGER!

We appreciate your sharing potential youth and amateur sports leads with the Dayton Convention & Visitors Bureau.  The Bureau is always eager to pursue various events to host in our community.    That’s why your information and leads are so beneficial.  Not only can we pursue groups you are aware of, but we have a significantly higher chance of securing that event for Dayton/Montgomery County if a local resident is somehow involved in the organization.  Don’t worry, the CVB will take your information and do the work.  It isn’t necessary for you to be involved unless you would like to be.

Campaign restrictions:

  • Must be a youth and amateur sporting event (not a professional sporting event)
  • Must be an event that utilizes hotel room night stays (minimum 25 hotel room nights utilized)
  • Must be a “new” event for Dayton/Montgomery County (a youth and amateur sporting event that has never been hosted in Dayton/Montgomery County or has not been to Dayton/Montgomery County in 5 or more years)
  • T-shirts limited to the first 75 respondents, one per person. 

To enter, please contact Ron or fill out the form below. 

Ron Eifert
Senior Sales Manager

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