Bill Franz


Step back into time with a tour that will take you along the path of Brothers Orville and Wilbur Wright and their quest for flying!!

Humble Beginnings...

1 hour & 15 min. Wright-Dunbar Int. Center & Wright Cycle Company 937-225-7705 Free

  • Watch the 30 minute movie, narrated by Dayton’s own Martin Sheen, on how Orville and Wilbur Wright first became actively interested in the idea of flying at the Wright-Dunbar Interpretive Center.
  • See where the Wright Brother’s childhood home stood, which could have been seen from the Wright Cycle Company.
  • Explore how the Brothers ran a bicycle business and a print shop while developing the first practical airplane. A National Park Service ranger will give an inspiring presentation and demonstrate the workings of a historical printing press.
  • Visit the Wright Cycle Company, where in 1892, the Wrights opened a bicycle repair shop in addition to their printing business. Also, tour through their preserved print shop!

Smooth Sailing...

1 hour & 15 min. Huffman Flying Field/Wright Memorial 937-257-5535 Free

  • Visit THE site where the Wright brothers soared above Dayton, testing their new invention and perfecting its ability to fly.
  • Known as “the world’s first airport,” Huffman Prairie was leased to the Wrights by a local farmer under one condition – don’t hit any of his cows.
  • Visit a replica of the Wright’s 1905 hangar. In the nearby Interpretive Center, test your own flying ability in a Wright Flyer simulator – just watch out for the cows!

Up, up and away...

2 hours Carillon Historical Park 937-293-2841 Call for cost

  • Visit the Park’s premier exhibit, an authentic 1905 Wright Flyer III biplane, the world’s first practical airplane.

Inventing Success...

1 hour The Engineers Club of Dayton 937-228-2148 Call for cost

  • Enjoy a delicious lunch in the historic ambiance of this private club, and take a picture at the table where Orville Wright ate lunch nearly every day.
  • See the original Wright engine number three and a turbo jet engine on display, and take a tour of this restored facility, where Orville Wright was a founding member.

A Timely Retreat...

1 hour Hawthorne Hill 937-293-2841 Call for cost

  • Board a shuttle bus for Hawthorne Hill and tour the beautiful Wright Family mansion
  • Completed in 1914, this stately home opened for tours in 2007 for the first time ever – it has long been closed to the public and used only to host distinguished visitors.
  • You won’t want to miss this opportunity to visit the exquisite mansion that Orville Wright called home for nearly 35 years!

A Peaceful Ending...

30 minutes Woodland Cemetery & Arboretum 937-228-3221 Call for cost

  • Visit the final resting place of Orville and Wilbur Wright and good friend Paul Laurence Dunbar.
  • Discover the fascinating history of some of Woodland’s most popular residents, learn the symbolism of popular monument styles, and see the Arboretum’s State Champion trees during an intriguing guided tour. This is sure to be one of the most thought-provoking stops on your tour.

Past to Present...

Up to 5 hours National Museum of the United States Air Force 937-258-1225 Free

  • View over 400 aerospace vehicles at THE oldest and largest military aviation museum in the world!!
  • Exhibits include missiles and aeronautical displays, as well as display areas celebrating Bob Hope’s contributions to the military and special aviation art exhibitions.
  • The Presidential Gallery (Reservations Required) houses thirteen stately aircrafts. Walk a board Roosevelt's Sacred Cow, Truman's Independence, Eisenhower's Columbine III and Kennedy's Air Force One.
  • Have lunch in the Museum’s cafeteria and browse the enormous gift shop for souvenirs.
  • Be sure to take in a film in the Museum’s 6-story IMAX Theatre, which features several different films throughout the day.

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