Experience the Solar Eclipse in Dayton!

When the moon passes directly in front of the sun, creating a total solar eclipse, it is a truly awe-inspiring sight. The sky darkens, stars and planets become visible, and the sun's corona, or outer atmosphere, is revealed. This rare event is a celestial rendezvous that will leave you speechless.

The path of totality for the 2024 Great North American Eclipse, taking place on Monday, April 8, will stretch from Mexico to Canada, passing through 14 states. Dayton will experience 2 minutes and 43 seconds of totality, beginning at 3:09 p.m.  It marks the first time since 1806 that Ohio has witnessed a total solar eclipse.

The Dayton Convention & Visitors Bureau is planning for a variety of events and activities surrounding the eclipse, and we're excited to announce that the grounds of the free National Museum of the U.S. Air Force will be a primary viewing site for the eclipse! Watch here and on our social media for updates and more information about events, things to do, and places to stay. Planning to hold a public solar eclipse event? Submit it for inclusion on our calendar of events!

Be sure to take the opportunity to witness this natural phenomenon. It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you will never forget! Make plans to join us in Dayton for the 2024 Great North American Eclipse. Be part of history and witness the magic of the cosmos!

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