Aviation Sites

Dayton taught the world to fly!  
Only in Dayton, Ohio can you explore and learn about the entire aviation story---past, present and future.  People from literally all over the world travel to Dayton to experience our authentic, world-class aviation sites and history; we invite you to join them!

Receive a Wilbear Wright Aviator Teddy Bear!

You could earn your very own Wilbear Wright Teddy Bear by visiting sites on the Dayton Aviation Trail!  
Tour a minimum of 8 of the 17 amazing aviation sites listed in this brochure. Receive a stamp at the one required site, Wright-Dunbar Interpretive Center, plus a minimum of 7 of the remaining sites to qualify for the FREE "Wilbear Wright" aviator teddy bear. 


*All sites are listed below Wright-Dunbar Interpretive Center is the first and required site, all the rest are listed alphabetically. 


Stand next to the 1905 Wright Flyer III at Carillon Historical Park or take flight in a modern replica at Dayton-Wright Brothers Airport!

Wright B Flyer

Visit Wright “B” Flyer’s hangar and museum where you can get up close to the aircraft and meet the volunteers who designed, built, operate and maintain them.  Browse the historical displays to learn how the Wright brothers learned the secrets of flight.  For a generation, Wright “B” Flyer Inc. has celebrated the legacy of the Wright brothers.

Wright B Flyer

Tour the historic homes of Orville Wright and Paul Laurence-Dunbar, then stroll the grounds of Woodland Cemetery as you learn intimate details of how our hometown heroes changed the world.

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