Aviation Sites

Dayton taught the world to fly!  Dayton is aviation mecca!

Only in Dayton, Ohio can you explore and learn about the entire aviation story---past, present and future.  People from literally all over the world travel to Dayton to experience our authentic, world-class aviation sites and history; we invite you to join them!

Come to Dayton to learn about hometown heroes Wilbur and Orville Wright. It was here that they invented and perfected manned powered flight.  Their legacy continues on today at Dayton’s Wright Patterson Air Force Base where the latest advancements in aerospace are being developed at the WPAFB labs.    

Add a bit of fun to your exploration of Dayton’s aviation assets by picking up a “Race to Dayton’s Amazing Aviation Places” passport.  Simply visit 7 of the 16 National Aviation Heritage Area (NAHA.org) sites outlined below, have your passport stamped and you’ll be (air)-mailed a “Wilbear Wright Aviator Teddy Bear!”

  1. Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park  
  2. Wright Dunbar Interpretive Center and Aviation Trail Visitor Center  
  3. Aviation Trail Parachute Museum  
  4. The Wright Cycle Company  
  5. Paul Laurence Dunbar House Historic Site 
  6. Huffman Prairie Flying Field Interpretive Center  
  7. Wright Brothers Memorial
  8. Huffman Prairie Flying Field
  9. John W. Berry Sr. Wright Brothers Aviation Center at Carillon Historical Park 
  10. National Museum of the U.S. Air Force  
  11. National Aviation Hall of Fame  
  12. Wright B Flyer  
  13. Hawthorn Hill (Wright family mansion) 
  14. Woodland Cemetery & Arboretum (Wright family is buried here) 
  15. Historical WACO Field and WACO Airplane Museum  
  16. Grimes Flying Lab  
  17. Champaign Aviation Museum  
  18. Armstrong Air & Space Museum  
  19. Wright State University Wright Brothers Archives  


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