Aviation Sites

Dayton taught the world to fly!  


Only in Dayton, Ohio can you explore and learn about the entire aviation story---past, present and future.  People from literally all over the world travel to Dayton to experience our authentic, world-class aviation sites and history; we invite you to join them!

Receive a Wilbear Wright Aviator Teddy Bear!

You could earn your very own Wilbear Wright Teddy Bear by visiting sites on the Dayton Aviation Trail!  

Tour a minimum of 7 of the 14 amazing aviation sites listed in this brochure. Receive a stamp at the one required site, Wright-Dunbar Interpretive Center, plus a minimum of 6 of the remaining sites to qualify for the FREE "Wilbear Wright" aviator teddy bear. 



Stand next to the 1905 Wright Flyer III at Carillon Historical Park or take flight in a modern replica at Dayton-Wright Brothers Airport!


Wright B Flyer

Tour the historic homes of Orville Wright and Paul Laurence-Dunbar, then stroll the grounds of Woodland Cemetery as you learn intimate details of how our hometown heroes changed the world.



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