Dayton Weather

Seasons In DaytonDayton’s climate features the four seasons. Summers are warm and sunny, while winters have a moderate amount of cold weather and snow; our temperatures are still much milder than in some areas of the US.

Spring time is always pleasant! Greenery comes to life and gorgeous flowers start to bloom all over the city. Summer days are long and sunny and warm. Dayton weather in autumn features crisp breezes, cooler temperatures and a wealth of colorful leaves falling from the trees. Winters are chilly but snowfall is generally limited.

For additional Dayton weather details, check out our Climate Summary below:

Climate Summary

Month Average Daily High Temperature Average Daily Low Temperature
December – February 37° F 21° F
March – May 61° F 41° F
June – August 83° F 61° F
September – November 64° F 44° F