The NCAA®​ First Four®


The NCAA®​ First Four®

The Dayton region is recognized as the Epicenter of College Basketball.  Fans from around the world know that THE ROAD STARTS HERE™, in Dayton, Ohio!  Dayton looks forward to welcoming the NCAA® First Four® back to Dayton in 2022 and hosting them through 2026!


University of Dayton Arena

The University of Dayton Arena is widely considered one of the national premier college basketball facilities.  In fact, U.D. Arena has hosted more NCAA® Tournaments than any other facility in the nation!

The University completed a $75 million transformation of UD Arena in time for the 50th season of basketball at the Arena in 2019. Since it opened on Dec. 6, 1969, more than 10 million fans have visited the Arena.

Plan Your Stay!

After watching some of the most exciting college basketball games inside University of Dayton Arena, you will find so much to explore in Dayton!


In Dayton, college basketball holds a special place in our hearts.
With the unprecedented cancellation of the 2020 NCAA tournament and the relocation of the entire 2021 tournament to Indiana due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Big Hoopla and Dayton are out of the game, temporarily. While we’re happy the Hoosier State can sub in for us this year, the ball is back in our court next year!
So enjoy the 2021 tournament, stay tuned for more news and announcements, and get ready for the Big Hoopla, the First Four, and so much more to return to Dayton in 2022.
Since 2012, The Big Hoopla has showcased Dayton’s collaborative spirit, basketball unity and affinity for our military heroes serving locally and around the world. The NCAA® Basketball Tournament presents a tremendous opportunity to come together as a community, and as a country, to celebrate the great things that can be accomplished with teamwork, dedication, and a shared goal.