Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park

Dayton is the proud home of the Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park, a “must-visit” attraction for your future visit to Dayton.


While the National Park sites are closed to visitors during the COVID-19 health crisis, you can still enjoy these short clips from our National Park Service rangers, museum curators, and museum directors as they tour you through various displays in their museums.

Was Dayton the original Silicon Valley?

During the Progressive Era, Dayton held more patents than anywhere else in the world. Inventions included the airplane, the step ladder, and the ice cube tray just to name a few. For Further Discussion: what Dayton inventions are still in use today? How did the inventions in Dayton change the world? Why was Dayton home to so many inventors?

What do you do once your plane touches down on an aircraft carrier?

Pilots have only 500 feet to land on an aircraft carrier which is not nearly the length of space normally needed. In order to make landing possible, a wire system is put in place. The pilot's goal is to hook their tailhook on the third of four wires. These wires can stop a 54,000 lb. plane traveling 150 mph in only two seconds!


Other Aviation Sites

Aviation attractions are beginning to open!  Please take a moment to tour them virtually while you plan your visit to Dayton, the Birthplace of Aviation and So Much More!


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