Benham's Grove - Centerville, Ohio

Benham's Grove in Centerville, Ohio, is a community gathering place located at 166 North Main Street (State Route 48) in the heart of Centerville, Ohio. Benham's Grove is an ideal setting for a wide variety of functions from small, intimate meetings to large formal gatherings.


Benham's Grove is situated on land that was originally part of a 50-acre farm owned by Aaron Nutt, one of the founding fathers of the City of Centerville, and transferred to his son in 1813. A later owner of the farm, Lawson Allen, sold the 10-acre tract that would become Benham's Grove in 1843.
In 1844, Joseph A. Benham, prominent Centerville merchant, acquired the property at an auction. Benham built the present farmhouse on the tract about 1885. In keeping with its rural setting, the house was built in a less ornate, more functional Victorian-era style that relies on subtly elegant details.
The property changed hands several times over the ensuing years, housing poultry farming operations and other activities typical of a small farm.
In 1937, Edward Schmieding, a sales manager with NCR, purchased the farm. The Schmiedings and their heirs, the Gerbers, occupied the property for 54 years, making it their center for business entertaining and family gatherings.
The City of Centerville purchased the property in 1991. After renovations, the facility opened April 24, 1992 as a community gathering place.
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