The Time is Right to Meet and Compete in Dayton!

Whether your favorite ball is a basketball, soccer ball, softball, baseball, lacrosse ball, tennis ball or bowling ball ... or even if you’re a cycling, paddling, cheer & dance, gymnastics or some other sports enthusiast accustomed to juggling lots of projects and balls ... Destination Dayton has got game when it comes to hosting your sporting events and competitions. We are committed to providing you and your event a Top-Flight Experience in Dayton, the Birthplace of Aviation & So Much More

You'll Love What Dayton Has to Offer!

As a leading destination for hosting sports events and tournaments, Dayton’s winning track record is impressive! We're eager to team up with you in the new year to host your next outstanding event - you'll love what Dayton has to offer!


To name just a few, Dayton’s success ranges from hosting large amateur youth soccer tournaments such as the adidas® Warrior Soccer Tournament, the annual 50,000 attendee WGI Sport of the Arts Color Guard and Percussion & Winds World Championships, national bowling and softball tournaments, AAU basketball tournaments, AAU and ASA softball tournaments, SilverStick Hockey tournaments and of course the annual kick-off to March Madness®—the NCAA® Division I Men’s Basketball First Four® Tournament as well as the Ohio High School Athletic Association's Boys & Girls Basketball State Championships.  In fact the University of Dayton Arena has played host to more NCAA® events than any other venue in the nation!  Dayton has got game when it comes to hosting sports of all sorts!


To find out more about our sports offerings, including breakdowns by sport, view our Sports Section or contact: