Why Meet in Dayton?

Dayton, Ohio is the perfect spot for your next convention, meeting, reunion, or youth and amateur sports event.  Here are just some of the reasons you'll be happy to Discover Dayton!


You're the "Big Fish"

The Dayton Convention & Visitors Bureau and the Greater Dayton community are eager to host you! You’ll find your group gets the special attention it deserves in Dayton!  Our CVB prides itself in “going the extra mile.” 


Complimentary CVB Services

The Dayton Convention & Visitors Bureau offers incredible Complimentary Services!  Whether it's name badges, ambassadors, or customized itineraries, our team can help!




Special Offers

Be sure to ask about special offers and incentives!


Dayton is located at the “Crossroads of America” the intersection of  I-75 North/South and I-70 East/West.  The Dayton International Airport is serviced by major carriers and is “easy to and through!”  Dayton is one of the nation’s Top 10 “90 Minute Markets,” with nearly 6 million people can reach Dayton in 3 hours by air or car.


Dayton's Unique Story

Dayton taught the world to fly. Dayton is the Birthplace of Aviation, home to the Wright Brothers, the National Museum of the US Air Force, and the Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park among other sites. Dayton’s authentic attractions offer an experience you can’t find anywhere else in the world. 


Big-City Amenities/Midwest Charm

Dayton offers big city amenities: a vibrant downtown, world-class arts and culture such as the Dayton Philharmonic, Dayton Ballet, the nationally recognized Dayton Contemporary Dance Company, and the Dayton Art Institute.  Plus, unique shopping, dining and nightlife!  We make every event attendee feel welcome.


Successful Track Record

Dayton’s track record of hosting successful events is extremely long and varied. From 25 to 25,000, you name it, we’ve hosted it!  Dayton’s success in hosting events is evidenced by the numerous organizations who have opted to make Dayton their permanent home.


Outstanding Value

Did you know the cash register was invented in Dayton? Dayton is an affordable city you can’t afford to miss! Come ring up a few good times in our city!  The Business Travel News Corporate Travel Index consistently ranks Dayton among the top 10 most affordable Top 100 Cities in the nation.