Unique Venues in Dayton

Have a special event or gathering in mind, let our event planning services team help. In Dayton, Ohio, from meetings to family reunions to sports events, we've done it all. Dayton offers a wide assortment of unique venues beyond the primary large meeting venues that will dazzle your event attendees. 
Your group can sit amid artwork masterpieces at the stunning Dayton Art Institute, next to luxurious Packard automobiles at the Citizens Motor Car Company, or on the lush lawns and flower strewn areas at Cox Arboretum.  Unique. Memorable. Dayton's Got it. 

We Are Here to Help!

You are a just phone call or email away from a staff that is here to answer any question you have and work as a resource on your behalf. If you’d like more information on our area or on the many Dayton, Ohio event venues and local options, contact us. We are ready to serve you. For information on Dayton's unique venues, please see the list below. 

Ron Eifert, STS
Senior Sales Manager
Market Segments:  
Sports, Hobby