Betcha Didn't Know These Fun Facts About Dayton!

Dayton, the Birthplace of Aviation & So Much More, is a fascinating city that lots of folks may not know a lot about.  Read on to learn some Fun Facts about Dayton!

wright b flyrer


Did you know the cash register was invented in Dayton?  And, that according to Business Travel News, Dayton consistently ranks within the Top 10 most affordable cities in the nation’s top 100 cities? Ring up a few good times in Dayton -- an affordable city you can’t afford to miss!



Dayton has an outstanding track record of hosting conventions, youth and amateur sports tournaments, military reunions and events of all kinds.  With over 7,000 hotel rooms, the 150,000 square foot Dayton Convention Center, a host of diverse and unique sports and meeting venues. Dayton couples big-city amenities with Midwestern charm and hospitality. The Dayton Convention & Visitors Bureau provides numerous complimentary services that other cities don’t offer!



Dayton boasts the nation’s largest network of paved trails—over 340+miles—making it the Midwest’s Outdoor Adventure Capitol!

air force museum


Dayton’s Carillon Historical Park has the nation’s only brewery---Carillon Brewing Co.—on the grounds of a museum in the nation.

triangle park


Dayton invented the Cheez-It, believe it!  Dayton’s Green & Green Cracker Company introduced the Cheez-It, a staple of American snacking, in 1921.

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These are a few things you may not have known about Dayton. ABSOLUTELY KNOW that we would love for you to host your next event in Dayton and that the Dayton Convention & Visitors Bureau will go the extra mile to ensure the successful planning, promotion, and implementation of an outstanding event for you and your attendees!  Learn more here!