As part of strategic planning in conjunction with its 30th anniversary, the Dayton Convention & Visitors Bureau has rebranded itself to "Destination Dayton." This exciting change reflects the organization's evolution and renewed commitment to promoting Dayton and Montgomery County as a premier destination for events, tourism, and community engagement. We wanted to take a few minutes to talk about what that means!

A Name that Speaks Volumes

The transition to Destination Dayton is more than just a name change; it's a strategic decision to better align with the bureau's mission of destination marketing and development. Jacquelyn Powell, President and CEO of Destination Dayton, emphasized the significance of the rebranding: "Our role as an organization is to advocate for destination development and attract events from across the country to host them here. Destination Dayton truly represents who we are and what we stand for."

Growing Impact and Evolution

Over its three decades of operation, Destination Dayton has expanded its scope beyond traditional tourism marketing. The bureau offers comprehensive event planning, management and marketing services, ensuring that meeting planners receive top-notch support from start to finish. This evolution mirrors Dayton's own growth, with a variety of attractions and things to do, as well as a growing culinary scene, enhancing the city's appeal.

Carillon Park
Pictured: Carillon Historical Park

We're not just innovators, we're tastemakers, we're curators, we're movers, we're shakers. Hospitality, warmth, and friendship are the cornerstones of our DNA. We are Dayton. We get down. We get up. We know how to have a good time. Good times and Dayton are only possible through the love that runs deep in our hearts.

Economic Impact and Community Support

The rebranding to Destination Dayton comes at a time when travel, tourism, and conventions play a vital role in the region's economy. In 2023 alone, these sectors generated a remarkable $2.6 billion in economic impact and supported over 22,000 jobs*. Such figures highlight the bureau's pivotal role in driving economic growth and fostering community prosperity.

*Source – Tourism Economics, an Oxford Economics Company (data released in 2024, reflecting 2023 numbers).

Looking Forward

As Destination Dayton looks to the future, its focus remains on enhancing visitor experiences, supporting local businesses, and solidifying Dayton's reputation as a vibrant and welcoming destination. Whether you're a longtime resident or planning your first visit, Destination Dayton invites you to explore all that this dynamic city has to offer. 

Our Promise: "In Dayton, we offer down-to-earth experiences where innovation, culture, and genuine hospitality converge."

Bill Franz photo - two people biking with city skyline background

Dayton never stops. For 228 years, we have been the quintessential story of The American Dream. We've spread our wings far and wide, always soaring high in innovation. Dayton is where The American Dream is alive and well. Because in Dayton, we get things done. In fact, we've gotten many things done and there is still plenty of work to be done. When you first visit Dayton - it hits you. This is where people thrive under any circumstance. With that being said, our new brand pillars are as follows:

  • Expect the Unexpected: This pillar focuses on the element of surprise and hidden delights visitors encounter in Dayton. It goes beyond the expected tourist attractions and highlights unique experiences one might not have anticipated.
  • Let's Get Activated: This pillar emphasizes the opportunity for visitors to engage in various activities and adventures in Dayton. It caters to those seeking a dynamic and immersive experience.
  • Everybody Knows Your Name: This pillar highlights Dayton's friendly and welcoming atmosphere. It conveys a sense of community and belonging for visitors.
  • Culture Is King: This pillar emphasizes Dayton's rich and diverse cultural scene. It goes beyond a single dominant culture and celebrates the city's unique blend of influences.
  • Let's Get Active: This pillar highlights Dayton's legacy of innovation and its forward-thinking approach. It positions the city as a center for creativity and progress.

We're not just writing the next big story in global innovation. But we're writing the next big story in destination greatness. Come see for yourself! 😎


How can you get involved in our 30th Anniversary Celebration? Post your pics on social media and tag them with #DestinationDayton – we might feature them on our website and social media! Be sure to also check out our calendar of events, request a FREE Visitors Guide, and download our FREE Destination Dayton app to help plan your exploration of the Greater Dayton area! For more information, contact Destination Dayton at 937-226-8211 (Monday-Friday)

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