Food trucks are some of the best things to be invented, you can grab a tasty meal while supporting a local business all while enjoying a warm summer night. And if you want to get different things from different trucks to make a complete meal--well you're able to do that too! Food trucks have because a norm in our every day lives, whether they are parked in a park near your work, have a designated spot where they always are or travel to special events most of us have indulged in what they have to offer. Below is a list of food trucks local to the Montgomery County area. While they do not have the same schedule every day they frequently post on their social media where they will be and when they will be each week! 



The Pizza Bandit

A patron bites into a huge slice of pepperoni pizza from The Pizza Bandit food truck.

Serving Authentic New York Slice with slices as big as your head, giant pepperonis, and a choice of 5 dips, we invite you to try it every Tuesday - Sunday at the Yellow Cab Tavern! |


Billie Gold Bubble Tea

Billie Gold Bubble Tea owner Nicole Cornett poses for a picture in her boba food truck.

Serving up bubble tea--a cool, refreshing, sweet drink with boba, aka tapioca pearls (or flavored jellies, or popping boba) sitting on the bottom of a clear cup. It is a specialty dessert drink that comes with a fruit or milk tea base, a variety of flavors, and a uniquely fat straw to suck up the boba. |


The Wild Banana

A family enjoys their Wild Banana smoothie bowls.

One of Dayton's newest food trucks serving superfood smoothie bowls made fresh with all-natural, mostly organic ingredients! |


Sprouting Dreams LLC

A woman picks up her vegan order from the Sprouting Dreams food truck.

Food truck serving up some amazing vegan fare, at Sprouting Dreams LLC you will find options such as CHICK'N & Waffles, Mac and Cheese, Cajun Fries, and Kombucha Floats! | www.


Hunger Paynes 

An order of Croquettes with a side of fresh-cooked chips from Hunger Paynes in Dayton.

Hunger Paynes specializes in Croquettes; a mixture of meat, cheese, and/or vegetables formed into 2 ounce balls then breaded and deep-fried. |


Dayton Urban BBQ 

A BBQ sandwich topped with fresh slaw from local food truck Dayton Urban BBQ.

BBQ made the old Pit Master way- low, slow, long! Dayton Urban BBQ smokes their meats for hours, with their custom-built smoker, and a proprietary blend of hand-picked hardwoods for their signature flavor,  sides are made fresh daily from scratch. |


Claybourne Grille

Guests line up to place their order from the popular Dayton food truck Claybourne Grille.

At Claybourne Grill, you'll find everything from hamburgers and cheeseburgers to cheesesteaks and chicken wraps. Love tacos? Claybourne Grill carries loads of tacos stuffed with savory meats and sharp, tangy cheeses. And don’t neglect the side dishes. Add some potato salad or coleslaw to your dish to make it a full meal. |



Greek Street Food Truck

An order of fresh gyros from Greek Street Food Truck in Dayton.

Greek Street Food Truck offers its customers authentic, homemade Greek cuisine at an affordable price. |



What About Bobs

The food truck What About Bobs has their menu up and their window open, ready for business.

Serving up all your favorite foods all as kabobs! You read that right-- biscuits and gravy kabobs, french toast kabobs, chicken tikka masala kabobs, and more! |