Halloween is just a week away and here in Montgomery County things are getting real spooky. October is full of many fall festivities, including one of our biggest Halloween events ‘hauntfest’ which occurs the Saturday before Halloween in the Oregon District. However, what you may not know is that on top of all the Halloween fun, Montgomery County is full of haunted places with stories that will make your skin crawl, check some of them out below:
(These are not in any particular order)



1. Fifth and Ludlow 

Black And White Photo Of Fifth And Ludlow With Rubble

At one point in time roughly 200 years ago the corner of Fifth and Ludlow was a graveyard. Over time, as the population grew rapidly. the marked graves were uprooted and moved in order for construction of buildings. Some say that this corner is now full of hauntings of those who were removed improperly from their graves. If you walk there at night, watch out for odd noises, cold spots, and some ghostly figures.


2. Woodland Cemetery

Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum Headstones And Trees
Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum is one of the most iconic locations in Dayton. It is one of the most visited cemeteries in the area for its beautiful greenery and the views of the city from the very top. However, what some might not know is that Woodland Cemetery is said to be one the most haunted places in Dayton (no kidding!) due to the number of ghosts that wander around the grounds.


3. Ridge Avenue Bridge 

Ridge Avenue Bridge

You know that when a bridge is haunted that means that nothing good could have happened there. That is exactly right in the case of the Ridge Avenue Bridge. This bridge is said to be haunted by a pregnant woman who was murdered by her lover in the late 20s. Some say that the woman continues to haunt the bridge, and if you happened to stumble upon it, you may see her ghost.


4. Victoria Theatre

Old Photo Of The Victoria Theatre

Some say that the Victoria Theatre is one of the most haunted buildings. Maybe it’s the fact that this 150-year-old building has seen many things and has had many people come in and out (or not) or the fact that there have been many cases of hauntings and paranormal activity. Rustling of taffeta and the slight smell of roses in the air has been reported, as well as the face of an actress who had once performed but vanished from the room without a trace when changing outfits appearing in the mirror in the dressing room.


5. Dayton Daily News Building 

Black And White Photo Of Dayton Daily News Building With Crowd Out Front

The Dayton Daily News Building used to be a vibrant building full of activity, but there is still plenty of activity happening inside its walls. The ghost of the founder Gov. Cox has been seen sitting at his desk wearing a smoking jacket and even spoke to a janitor while cleaning. A previous employee who was murdered by her husband is also said to haunt the building. 


6. National Museum of the United States Airforce

Planes In The Hangar Of The National Museum of the United States Airforce

The National Museum of the United States Airforce is one of the most loved and visited locations in our county. Those who have a love for both history and aviation come from miles and states, even countries away to come and see what it has to offer. However, what some might not know is that numerous aircraft in the museum have been reported as haunted. Visitors have heard moans and voices coming from a Korean/Vietnam War helicopter and the Black Maria from ghosts of those that died.


7. The Amber Rose 

Front Of The The Amber Rose Building

The Amber Rose was built in the early 1900s and was originally a general store with a home attached, however, it is currently a restaurant in Old North Dayton. A girl by the name of Chickee who is said to be the original owners’ daughter has been said to haunt the premises. Paranormal activity like glasses flying off of shelves and lights being turned on once they were turned off have been reported. 

8. Miamisburg Plaza Theatre

Old Grainy Black And White Photo Of Miamisburg Plaza Theatre

The Miamisburg Plaza Theatre was opened in 1916 and was seen as the “jewel of the community.” It originally brought people in for its plays and then eventually with movies. There are many reasons people claim that the theatre is haunted such as its murderous history. One chilling report is of a stool that is in the basement. In the mid-1960s there was a homeless man who live in the basement of the theatre in exchange for doing odd jobs around. One day he was found dead in the basement a year later. In the same room where his body was found sits a stool that moves back to where it was on its own if it is moved away. 


9. Miamisburg Library Park

Fountain Library Park On A Sunny Day

Miamisburg Library Park which was once the Miamisburg Cemetery in the 1800s where a ghostly woman haunted the premises every night at 9p.m. The sightings of this woman became so frequent that large groups of people would gather every night to watch. This was believed to be a woman who had been murdered. There was an attempt to stop the sightings through exhuming and moving her body to another cemetery, however, that did not stop her and she kept showing up. Eventually all the bodies were dug up and moved to the Hill Grove Cemetery. She was last reported being seen in the 1980s, although if you stop by at 9 you might see her.