How To Make a Great Paper Airplane

From Your Friends in Dayton, The Birthplace of Aviation!

Tuesday, May 26 is National Paper Airplane Day!
That means It’s the perfect time for your friends from the Dayton Convention & Visitors Bureau, to show you how to make a great paper airplane. 
It’s “just how we fly!”  Afterall, Dayton IS the Birthplace of Aviation.
All you need is a sheet of 8.5” x 11” paper, and a sense of fun and adventure!
BONUS—this is an easy quarantine activity!



Grab a sheet of 8.5” x 11” paper (computer paper, notebook paper, construction paper will all work)

paper airplane step 1



Fold the paper in half length-wise

Paper airplane step 2



Open the sheet of paper back up.
Fold the top left and right corners down as pictured below.

 Paper Airplane Step 3a  Paper Airplane Step 3b



Then fold the folded corners down toward the bottom of the paper

Make Paper Airplane 4



Fold the left top side and the right top side in at a diagonal as pictured below

Paper Airplane Step 5A Paper Airplane Step 5b



Fold the tip upward as shown below

Paper Airplane Step 6



Turn the paper over, and fold a diagonal wing back like so (do this on both sides)

Paper Airplane Step 7



Now create the wings by folding the paper back as shown below (fold the angled edge down until it meets the bottom of the plane)

Paper Airplane Step 7b   aper Airplane Step 7c

STEP 9---The Plane!  The Plane!

Take a look at your plane!  Look at it from the side, and from the top.
Congratulations!  You’re an amazing paper airplane designer.
Dayton’s Wilbur and Orville Wright would be so impressed with your skills!
Rrring rrrrrinng---Is that Boeing, or Airbus calling you?!

Paper Airplane Step 8a Paper Airplane Step 8b


STEP 10 – The Best Part—TOP FLIGHT FUN!

Go Fly Your Plane! (indoors or outdoors)
Compete with family or friends for longest distance!


STEP 11 – Be Inspired to Take-Off for Dayton, The Birthplace of Aviation!

We hope making your own paper airplane inspires you to Take-Off for Dayton, the Birthplace of Aviation!
Don’t miss out on all of the Top-Flight Fun you can have in Dayton, the Birthplace of Aviation & So Much More!