So, you are single at Valentine's Day. Consider yourself LUCKY, because there are so many great ways to spend this historical holiday Datin' around Dayton! I would love to share some of my top five tips for singles at this time of the year!

1. Get out of the house!

It is time to put yourself out there! Stop sitting around the house, complaining about how hard it is to meet people, when you don't get yourself up, put on those nice shoes and go mingle with some new friends. Courage is feeling the fear and doing it anyway!

2. Research some Valentine's Day Singles Events:

There are many single mingles, mixers and speed dating events going in the in the month of February. Sites like the Dayton CVB’s calendar of events, Eventbrite, and are valuable resources for finding events in the Dayton, and surrounding areas. You can find everything from wine tasting events to drag bingo!

3. Treat yourself! (not just for the ladies)

Time to buy yourself the good stuff! Purchase some flowers or chocolates or shortcake for YOURSELF. Book a spa day or a massage. Make yourself feel pretty by purchasing new makeup. And, gentlemen, go buy yourself a new outfit that makes you feel confident. And, why that new cologne, too. She'll love it!

4. Spend time at the types of places you want to find your person:

Many times, I hear my clients say, "There are no good single men around here." Well, I disagree. You are not positioning yourself in the right environments! So, know who YOU are and who you DESIRE. Are you attracted to a white collar executive? Maybe you should consider a happy hour at the bar at Carvers. Are you attracted to a police officer? Try trivia night at a brewery! Remember to position yourself where you have the best chances of finding the person you want to attract. 

5. You must actually execute!

It is time to put your fears aside and ASK THEM OUT! Remember, we are talking about a date, not an arranged marriage. There is nothing to fear here. Rejection is part of this journey. You will have to reject people, and you two will be rejected, as you are only seeking one special partner. Once you normalize, and embrace, rejection as a factor in your dating journey, you will feel empowered to pull the trigger!

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