Can't Go a Day Without Dayton - Videos

Dayton History has compiled amazing stories of how Dayton changed the world!  Sit back, relax, and watch these videos while you plan a future trip to Carillon Historical Park and the other Dayton History sites!


Can you imagine a world without Cheez-It crackers? It would be considerably less tasty.  In 1921, Dayton's Green & Green company patented the Baked Rarebit cracker. Today, we recognize this cracker as the Cheez-It!  So, everyone time you open a bag, remember Dayton!


Can you imagine a world without air conditioning or refrigeration? Charles Kettering and Thomas Midgley invented freon in Dayton. Freon made it so we no longer need to use ice blocks for refrigeration or worry our home will fill with ammonia every time we use our AC. 

Pop Top

Can you imagine a world without pop top cans? You'd be searching for a church key every time you wanted to enjoy your favorite canned beverage.  Invented by Daytonian Ermal Fraze, pop tops are employed around the world 275 billion times a year!

Ritty Dial

Can you imagine a world without cash registers?  The first practical cash register was invented by Daytonian James Ritty. Known as the Ritty Dial, it sparked a business revolution that made Dayton the world's largest supplier of business machines for the next half-century!

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