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WGI Sport of the Arts (Winter Guard International) returns in a big way in April, when Dayton hosts the Color Guard Championships on April 13-15, Percussion Championships on April 20-22, and Winds Championships on April 22-23. Approximately 50,000 people are expected at the 2023 World Championships!

About WGI Sport of the Arts

In the spring of 1977,  a small group of representatives met and formed an organization to govern the color guard activity from coast to coast. The goal was to create a standard set of competition rules, establish a unity in judging techniques, and provide a national championship event. The organization that would bloom from this meeting was known as Winter Guard International.

Since its inception, WGI has drawn together the growing winter guard activity and provided leadership and guidance to generations of performers around the world. Today, WGI Sport of the Arts is the world’s premier organization producing indoor color guard, percussion, and winds competitions.  As a non-profit youth organization, WGI also serves as the governing body for the indoor color guard, percussion, and winds activities. It is called the Sport of the Arts because it brings music to life through performance in a competitive format. Even with more than 45 years of history, the sport continues to evolve and grow.

You can learn more about WGI at their website.

WGI uses a competition-based approach for organizing events in order to showcase youth activities in pursuit of high standards of achievement. Events include about 60 Regionals, which lead to the World Championships that evaluate more than 300 guards, 200 percussion ensembles, and 40 winds groups.

2023 World Championships - Making Magic

WGI Sport of the Arts World Championships

The theme for the 2023 World Championships is Making Magic, and events take place at several area venues, including the University of Dayton Arena, Dayton Convention Center and Nutter Center. General admission tickets may be purchased at the door for many events, with advance tickets available for come finals events. See each of the sections below for more information and links to schedules and tickets.

Color Guard World Championships

2023 WGI Color Guard Championships Schedule

Go to the Color Guard section of the WGI website for detailed information about schedules and how to get tickets.

Check out these video recaps of the 2023 Color Guard Open and World Class Finals!

Percussion Championships

WGI Sport of the Arts 2023 Percussion Championships Schedule

Go to the Percussion section of the WGI website for detailed information about schedules and how to get tickets.

Winds Championships

The Winds schedule of events is as follows:

Wright State University’s Nutter Center: Winds Prelims - All Day

SUNDAY, APRIL 23, 2023
University of Dayton Arena: Winds Finals - Morning / Afternoon

Go to the Winds section of the WGI website for detailed information about schedules about how to get tickets.

The Dayton Convention & Visitors Bureau looks forward to welcoming all of the participants and spectators back to Dayton for this magnificent "Sport of the Arts!" Make the most of your time in Dayton by downloading our Visit Dayton app, as well as exploring our website for more about hotels, restaurants, attractions and other things to do while you're in town.